1st Article : Composition

The Moroccan Association of Engineering and Innovation in Healthcare is composed of six categories of members:

  • AMIIS members: Research professors, Industrialists
  • Founders
  • Senior members
  • Student members
  • Honorary members
  • Collaborating members.
2nd Article : The Office

In accordance with article 23 of the statutes of the Moroccan association of Engineering and Innovation in Healthcare, the office aims to

  • Ensure the application of the decisions of the general assembly.
  • Elaboration of the agenda proposed to the general meeting.
  • The suspension of the activity of any member who fails to comply with the statutes of the association pending the holding of the next general meeting.
3rd Article : Membership fee

Affiliate members, founding members and senior members must pay an annual fee.

The amount of this fee is set on October of each year by the Board of Directors.

The payment must be made on November 30 at the latest..

Any contribution made to the association is granted. No refund of contributions may be required in the event of resignation, exclusion or death of a member during the year.

4th Article : News members admission

The Moroccan Association of Engineering and Innovation in Healthcare can welcome new members any time.For that, they must respect the following admission procedure:

  • First of all, they have to fill This form.
  • The administrative office will contact them for the final respond.
  • secondly, they must respect the status and values of the association.

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