Hospital hand hygiene learning

Start in: 2020-04-04 Create by:Prof A. MAJDA & Prof B. OUMOKHTAR

Duration : 60 days


Goals:The goal is develop a mobile app to help users to learn hospital hand hygien rules

Description:This project is a collaboration Effort between FST-USMBA and FMP-USMBA teams : Bouchra OUMOKHTAR from FMP-USMBA Oumaima BOUDOUAI, Soumia BAHIJ and Aicha Majda from FST-USMBA


Start in: April 2019 Create by:I. Toughrai, , A. Aboutajeddine, C. Chaayabi, I. aboutajedyn, M. Squalli

Duration : 2 years days


Goals:Improving medical student training using the

Description:The designers team is applying the

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